The best compact fulldome solution for content production and exhibitions

FP Studio System is a small 3-5 m (10-16ft) portable N-pressure dome with projectors mounted on a mini mobile rig. It is a flexible and cost-effective solution that brings freedom and unlimited possibilities to fulldome content production. You can also take it anywhere and use it for presentations and exhibitions to show your content on an actual dome.
The standard single server setup with only four projectors makes it possible to install a 3K resolution fulldome theater right in your studio and preview your content as you create it.

Content resolution: 3K with up to 6.4 million unique pixels
System: 4 projectors mounted on the perimeter of the dome
Projection technology: Digital Light Processing
Recommended dome size: 3-5 m (10-16 ft)
SIZERecommended dome size: 3-5 m (10-16 ft)
SYSTEM4 projectors mounted on the perimeter of the dome
CONTENT RESOLUTION3K with up to 6.4 million unique pixels

Key features:

— Digital auto-calibration
— Wireless control with iPad
— Fast and easy installation
— Can be installed in a standard office with regular ceiling height
— Real-time preview for your content in up to 4K 3D with live capture
— Full integration with FullDome Content Protection (FDCP)
— Supports stereo 3D
— Professional flight cases for easy transportation


Total brightness8 000 lumens
Effective brightness6 200 lumens
Total pixels8.3 million
Unique pixels6.4 million
Content resolution3K
Contrast (nominal)4 000:1
Projection technologyDLP
3D technologyActive, DLP® Link
Sound system5.1
Recommended dome size3-5 m (10-16 ft)