An entry-level professional system for small digital planetariums

FP HD X4 is a mobile and easy-to-setup digital projection system recommended for small domes with a diameter of 3-8 m (10-26 ft). This projection system has the perfect balance of an appealing price combined with excellent projection quality.
The system consists of four projection modules mounted around the dome perimeter on a rig or on stands.
FP HD X4 provides an image quality that is six times better than that of a regular single-channel projection system. A fully immersive effect and an unforgettable experience are guaranteed with FP HD X4.

Content resolution : 3K with up to 6.4 million unique pixels
System : 4 projection modules located on the perimeter of the dome
Projection technology : Digital Light Processing
Recommended dome size: 3-8 m (10-26 ft)
SIZE Recommended dome size: 3-8 m (10-26 ft)
SYSTEM 4 projection modules located on the perimeter of the dome
PROJECTION TECHNOLOGY Digital Light Processing
CONTENT RESOLUTION 3K with up to 6.4 million unique pixels.

Key features:

— Digital auto-calibration
— Wireless control with iPad
— Full integration with FullDome Content Protection (FDCP), which we developed to provide unprecedented convenience and flexibility for both fulldome show producers and planetarium owners
— Your system stays at its best with periodic software updates and regularly added features
— Rock-solid reliability, maximum usability, and highly competent technical support
— Supports stereo 3D


Total brightness 8 000 lumens
Actual brightness 6 200 lumens
Total pixels 8.3 million
Unique pixels 6.4 million
Content resolution 3K
Contrast (nominal) 10 000:1
Projection technology DLP
3D technology Active, DLP® Link
Sound system Stereo, 5.1
Recommended dome size 3-8 m (10-26 ft)