FP Studio System

–°ompact solution for content production and exhibitions

The standard single server setup with only four projectors makes it possible to install a 3K resolution fulldome theater right in your studio and preview your content as you create it.


FP X2 System

Entry-level professional system for digital planetariums

FP X2 consists of 2 projection modules placed on stands at opposite sides of the dome. This provides bright high-quality projection that easily beats regular single channel projection systems.


FP HD X4 System

Entry-level professional system for larger digital planetariums

FP HD X4 provides an image quality that is six times better than that of a regular single-channel projection system. A fully immersive effect and an unforgettable experience are guaranteed with FP HD X4.


Mobile dome

Multiprojector fulldome system on a rig

This high-class mobile dome projection system matches the functionality of fixed planetariums. It can also be easily installed as a temporary fulldome solution with the help of a lightweight modular truss or rig. The multi-projector fulldome system can be used for schools, museums, amusement parks, shopping malls or as a travelling dome theater.


Fixed dome solutions

High resolution fulldome systems for permanent planetariums

The modular system architecture of Fixed Dome solutions provides a truly versatile platform for equipping new stationary domes or upgrading analog planetariums to as much as 8K 3D digital projection. Our multifunctional stationary dome solutions will enliven your venue with exciting fulldome shows, astronomic simulations, immersive presentations, music concerts, and interactive dome games.