Powerful, but simple 3D space simulator

In physics, spacetime is a mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum. SpaceTime360™ is a real-time 3D fulldome astronomic simulation software based on Unreal® Engine 4 technology. It contains the whole Solar System with planets and moons, as well as thousands of other celestial objects scattered around our Universe.

It is a beautiful mix of education and entertainment, with stunning 4K resolution graphics and video effects, a time-travel option, database support, and embedded astronomy lectures, all based on the latest and most accurate scientific data.


Up-to-date scientific data

SpaceTime360™ ​operates with the Messier, NGC and IC object databases, including nebulae and star clusters, and the HIP star database with more than 118,000 stars. It has the exoplanet database and features more than 3000 known comets with orbits. With SpaceTime360™ you can also travel in time for thousands of years into the past and the future to see the continuous movement of the celestial bodies.

Wireless controls

SpaceTime360™ is controlled with the help of an iPad from any convenient place in the dome. The user-friendly intuitive interface will bring space itself under your command. The intuitive control interface features brief information about each space object and comes with a search function.

Adjustable observation point

SpaceTime360™ ​integrates with an online map where you can input or manually select the observation point for your space exploration. Look at the sky above your digital planetarium, any other place on Earth, or from even another planet!

Beauty and ambience

SpaceTime360™ features original artwork for constellations and stunning fulldome panoramas of cities at night as well as locations in nature. All this, combined with a mood-setting soundtrack, will keep you and your audience amazed and entertained. SpaceTime360™ will demonstrate you that the real Universe is more exciting than any fantasy!

SpaceTime360™ can be integrated with the MEGASTAR™ optical projector.