Screenberry™ media server is at the heart of all dome projection systems created by Front Pictures.

It is the perfect dome projection software for fixed and mobile planetariums, thanks to its high resolution multi-channel playback and five-stage auto-alignment. Just one Screenberry server handles up to 8K 60 fps fulldome video playback (2D/3D), providing rock solid stability, flexibility, and cost efficiency for your planetarium.

Screenberry makes it easy to integrate both open source and commercial Universe visualization apps. It can also turn your dome into an immersive playstation with the help of interactive applications developed on popular game engines and simulation environments. You can even create your own fulldome apps using a Screenberry SDK.

Many planetariums, worldwide, have already chosen Screenberry media servers. Beginning with the UK’s biggest — the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, and including Brunel University’s London Planetarium, Kyiv Planetarium, Daejeon Observatory, and Gwangju National Science Museum to name a few. See all case studies.

Why Screenberry?

Highest Image Resolution & Quality

You get smooth playback on any dome screen with any video resolution and frame rate. One single Screenberry server can handle media playback up to 12K x 12K 30 fps / 8K x 8K 60 fps / 32 x Full HD layers at 60 fps with canvas sizes up to 32K x 32K. High frame rates (120, 240 fps) and custom frame rates are also supported.

Automatic Projection Alignment

Advanced automatic 5-stage camera-based projection alignment warps and blends projections onto dome screens with just a few clicks — all within minutes. It’s compatible with all classes of projectors.

Black Level Compensation

Screenberry provides a perfect starfield thanks to the unique black level compensation that ensures a truly seamless image, even in dark environments.

Content Encryption & Distribution

Screenberry media server can directly play back video in a proprietary encrypted format (ERVA). This enables planetarium operators to easily rent fulldome shows from the world’s top producers and benefit from time-based or pay-per-play licensing.

Easy, Intuitive Control

All Screenberry driven projection systems can be controlled wirelessly via an iPad or Laptop using optimised intuitive applications.

SDK (API & Integration)

Would you like to create interactive applications for 360 ̊ environments? Screenberry’s API provides convenient tools for the calibration data import into popular game development platforms like Unity®, Unreal® Engine 4 as well as TouchDesigner and astronomy applications.

Hybrid with Starball

Screenberry is hybrid with Megastar projectors. This hybrid planetarium features automatic digital-to-starball calibration. It allows for aligning the optical star projector and digital system with an unprecedented level of precision in a matter of minutes. The system stays in perfect sync even at high movement speeds thanks to the direct control of the optical star projector.

VR video playback

Step into VR: Screenberry can directly playback VR 360 videos on a dome without any additional rendering. Just load the video into the server and enjoy the immersive all around view.

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