Powerful app for dome presentations

Presenter360™ is the first ever fulldome slide presentation tool. With Presenter360™, creating an immersive fulldome presentation is as easy as using a conventional slide-presentation program.

Forget about having to deal with a rectangular frame and long preparation times – turn the whole dome into a screen for your presentations, lectures, slideshows and other multimedia content in a fast and easy way.
Get a 360 makeover for your data with Presenter360™!


Fulldome 3D space

Presenter360™ utilizes real-time 3D environment with an integrated fulldome camera

Pre-designed themes

Choose from more than a dozen of pre-designed background animations

The idea of creating Presenter360™ came up when we digitized the Kyiv Planetarium in December 2012. We understood that standard presentation programs designed for rectangular screens don’t work on domes. Meanwhile, making content for a dome takes special skills and long hours of rendering. So, we decided to design software that works in real-time and will make the process of creating fulldome presentations as easy and fast as it is with conventional slide-presentation programs.

For better usability, the software consists of three connected components:

– Presenter360™ Server application (Windows based). It is built on a powerful 3D platform TouchDesigner capable of rendering millions of polygons and particles in 4K in real time.

– Presenter360™ Editor (Windows). It makes creating and editing presentations as easy and fast as on conventional slide presentation programs.

– Presenter360™ Control (iOS app). This iPad application enables interactive control over the presentation and its appearance.

Fulldome presentations are created in the Presenter360™ Editor. It is a free application that can be installed on any computer or laptop running Windows 7/8/10, 32/64 bit platforms (Mac OS version is coming soon). You can create and edit presentations anywhere and at any time. There is no need to be connected to a server in a planetarium.

Once you arrive at the venue, the presentation can be synchronized with the Presenter360™ Server and be displayed on the dome. With the help of an Apple iPad app, you can switch slides and change their position, orientation, and scale. You also have control over video clip playback, sound volume, backgrounds, and animation presets.

Presenter360™ supports Logitech® Presenter™ remote control and Leap Motion™ for gesture control.

Key features:

Create presentations in a few simple steps with the Presenter360™ Editor on your PC, upload them to the server, and view them immediately on the dome.

Presenter360™ utilizes powerful real-time 3D platform TouchDesigner with an integrated fulldome camera.

You can add text, pictures, fulldome images, videos, and sound is just as fast and easy as any other conventional presentation software.

Capture and show your desktop, web browser, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, YouTube, Skype or any other application on your PC or Mac as a slide.

Simple and flexible slide adjustment that includes size, tilt, and position for any dome angle.

Many pre-designed themes for slide animations and backgrounds to customize the look of your presentation as it appears on the dome.

Presenter360™ uses the Unicode standard to support all languages, including with right-to-left languages (such as Hebrew and Arabic) and languages with composite characters (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.).

With our intuitive iPad touch interface or Logitech® Presenter™, you can present from anywhere in the dome and easily interact with your audience.

Presenter360™ supports Leap Motion™ to provide gesture control.

– Live video streaming with RTSP protocol support
– 3D objects integration
– More backgrounds and slide animations presets

Take your presentations to the next level with Presenter360™!

Tech Specs:

Supported Media formats:– images, dome images (.jpg .bmp .gif .png .tif .tiff .tga .hdr .dds .exr)
– video (.mp4 .avi .wmv .mov .m4v .mpeg .mpg .flv)
– text (multi-language Unicode support)
– audio (.mp3 .aif .aiff .wav .m4a)
– live video signal (via capture card)
Operating System:Windows 7/10 platform 64 bits.
Output resolution:Dome master 2.5-4K 30/60 fps

Projection system configuration:

Presenter360™ was originally designed for multi-projector fulldome systems.
Two options are available:

1) Presenter360™ can render a dome master in real time. You need to grab it with a capture card installed in your fulldome system.

2) If you have a Front Pictures fulldome server, Presenter360™ uses calibration maps generated by our auto-calibration software to warp and output video signals directly to multiple projectors. This option provides maximum image quality without frame delays.