Kyiv Planetarium re-opens its universe for visitors

November 2016
Kyiv, Ukraine

A more innovative and educational Kyiv Planetarium welcomes new visitors once again. The biggest and oldest planetarium in Ukraine, fitted with a 23-meter dome, can now also boast the most modern projection hardware and software available, installed by Front Pictures.

The fulldome auditorium has an up-to-date 4K digital projection system with 12 HD projectors that run on a single Front Pictures Fulldome Server.

The new projection system replaced an older one installed by Front Pictures back in 2011. It was the first fixed fulldome installation performed by the company. This makes the Kyiv Planetarium a special place for us, as it was the starting point for our adventure into the world of fulldome technology.

Apart from screening fulldome shows, the software installed in the planetarium also allows interactive lectures to be held with SpaceTime360™, presentations with Presenter360™, and the entertaining of visitors with music visualizer Meduza360™.

With the installation of a new digital system, this massive planetarium for 320 seats and an annual turnout of 150,000 visitors joined the international community of cutting-edge digital planetariums.