FP HDx4 system delivers immersive projection at the Seoul Science Center

August 2018
Seoul, South Korea

The Seoul Science Center is Seoul’s first municipal science center. Its visitors learn how scientific principles are presented in their everyday lives through the center’s exhibitions. Now, at the heart of one of those exhibits is a cutting-edge immersive 360-degree dome experience powered by Front Pictures technology.

The FP HDx4 projection system was supplied by METASPACE, a Korean provider of solutions for astronomy and space science. The system runs on 4 x BenQ W1210ST projectors driven and auto-aligned by a single Screenberry media server for a 3K x 3K fulldome playback on a 5m open dome. The media server provides high-resolution playback along with a suite of real-time applications that allow for the simulation of the night sky and the solar system and immersive presentation tools. The dome is loaded with popular free astronomy apps, namely Stellarium, World Wide Telescope, and Mitaka.

The whole projection system, including automatic calibration and 360-degree playback, is controlled wirelessly with the help of intuitive applications installed on an iPad and laptop.

The 5m Rigid Frame Open-Sided dome was manufactured by Front Pictures Engineering. This dome design is ideal for indoor installations with a controlled light environment. The dome is suspended, providing easy public access as well as height and tilt adjustment.

METASPACE is Front Pictures’ exclusive partner in South Korea. It has been providing total solutions for astronomy and space science worldwide since 2003.