Grace Music Concert II Aesthetic Meditation

28 September 2013
Kyiv, Ukraine

Grace Music II Aesthetic Meditation, an immersive fulldome audio-visual performance in Kyiv Planetarium.

From the organizers: “a massive thank you to Tenpoint VJs [Max Poberezhskyi and Oleksii Tyshchenko] and Front Pictures [Andrew Yamkovoy] for the radiant visual incarnation of our music. We take our hats off to you!)”

Organizers’ feedback

Organization: AnyKey Music
Music: el fog / Masayoshi Fujita and midori hirano / MimiCofori Hirano
Software: DomeCaster, DomePlayer, Meduza360, Derivative TouchDesigner
Live VJin: Tenpoint VJ / Andrey Yamkovoy (Front Pictures)