FREE2BE tour

August 22, 2011

47,000 guests, 7 cities and only 5 days for setups at each location. That is a quick summary of the highly dynamic all-Russia FREE2B global tour sponsored by Marlboro. The highlight of the program was a projection show performed inside an inflatable multi-dome space divided into a stage area, dance floors, bars, and interactive zones.
Every weekend, visitors enjoyed the spirit of ultra-modern parties thanks to Screenberry servers provided by Front Pictures (Kyiv) and video content by Sila Sveta (Moscow). The inner surfaces of the three 20m domes and the origami stage decorations served as projection surfaces.

Client: Philip Morris Russia
Organization: FortDance Agency
Video Content, Show Control: Sila Sveta
Software: DomeCaster, DomePlayer, Screenberry
Projection Equipment: FortDance Agency