FP dome theater in action at Halo-themed event

Orlando, Florida
July 5-8, 2019

Audio Visual Imagineering chose FP dome technology to deliver an immersive experience at Halo Outpost Discovery. Jointly created by CLX and Microsoft, this weekend-long touring event allows fans of one of the world’s most successful video games to step into Halo’s science fiction universe.

Front Pictures supplied an FP HDx4 dome projection system that runs on 4 projectors which are controlled and auto-calibrated by a single Screenberry media server to deliver 3K playback.

The 8-meter negative pressure Rigid Frame Open-Sided dome was manufactured by Front Pictures Engineering. With a net weight of 95 kg (210 lb), the dome provides great mobility without compromising screen surface quality.

The dome theater stands at the center of the Ring Experience attraction. It features a never-before-seen exploration of a Halo ring.

Photos by Halo Outpost Discovery