August 2014
Chisinau, Moldova

Front Pictures installed a planetarium in a park on Miron Costin Str. in Chisinau, Moldova. This installation showcased a new, optimal approach towards building an outdoor planetarium. The ease of installing this project as well as its cost-efficiency really make it stand out.

This setup consists of a 10m weather-resistant rigid geodesic dome shelter with an 8m n-pressure dome inside. This is a good compromise between a mobile and a fixed installation. The heart of the planetarium is a Dx4 digital projection system running on 4 projectors.

The planetarium can broadcast a great variety of fulldome content, thanks to our proprietary FDCP content distribution system.

Moldovan high-school students finally gained an opportunity to practice their knowledge of astronomy in a real planetarium, for example.

The opening event attracted a lot of press attention and received video coverage from the national TV channel of Moldova.