Mobile and fixed domes with quick installation time

In negative pressure domes, air is extracted from between the external structural envelope and the inner fabric envelope of the dome using air-blowers. This creates negative pressure (N-pressure) that gives the projection screen its perfect dome shape. Such dome constructions can be installed almost anywhere and are available as indoor and outdoor versions with horizontal or tilted screens.
We are proud of our domes and maintain very high manufacturing standards. Thanks to virtually imperceptible seams and a smooth surface, our n-pressure domes provide outstanding image quality.

Air-pressure control: Automatic or manual
Structure type: Light or rigid frame
Type: Indoor or outdoor
Recommended dome size: 3-15m ( 10-50ft )
SIZERecommended dome size: 3-15m ( 10-50ft )
TYPEIndoor or outdoor
Structure typeLight or rigid frame
Air-pressure controlAutomatic or manual

Dome types:

Indoor light-frame domes. Can be used in offices, exhibition spaces, museums, and entertainment venues. It takes only two people and a few hours to install these lightweight mobile domes.
Vertical indoor light-frame domes. Vertical indoor light-frame domes. A multipurpose walk-in version of the regular indoor light-frame domes.
Indoor rigid-frame domes. A great mobile substitute for permanent domes. They consist of a solid aluminum frame with stainless steel hubs and provide a reliable, solid-looking structure that can be used for long periods of time. They can also be disassembled and easily reassembled again anytime for further indoor use. A 10m (32.8ft) rigid-frame dome can be installed and prepared for work in less than three days.
Outdoor geodesic domes. These weather-resistant domes can withstand rain and wind thanks to an outer shell made of either PVC or fiberglass fabric. The structure of the dome is made of steel hubs and struts. An optional thermal insulation layer can be added for maximum protection against heat or cold. A 10 m (32.8ft) outdoor geodesic dome can be installed and prepared for work in up to 5 days.

Optionally, all the envelopes in the dome can be made from colored or special fire-retardant fabric.


Optimal size3-15 m (10-50 ft)
UsageIndoor or outdoor
Structure typeLight frame or rigid
Air-pressure controlAutomatic or manual