The SKYSTONE™ DOME is the entertainment center of the future. This is a unique place where art, technology, and the boldest ideas of the fulldome world come together.

SKYSTONE™ DOME is a modular building, which can be installed in harsher environments and for much longer periods of time than typical geodesic domes. Unlike single-level domes, it is multifunctional and visually eye-catching.
At the heart of SKYSTONE™ is a dome of up to 20 m (66 ft) diameter. With two or three levels adjoining the dome, there is enough space for an exhibition area and entertainment zones.


Site areaminimum 650 m2 (6 997 ft2)
Building footprint320 m2 (3 444 ft2)
Total building area950 m2 (10 230 ft2)
Building height22 m (72 ft)
Structural materialsteel and aluminum
Number of floors2/3
First floor area320 m2 (3 444 ft2)
Seating capacity200–250 people
Dome diameter20 m (66 ft)


Entrance lobby312 m2
Technical level124 m2