The FULLDOME EXPERIENCE CENTER™ is a unique cultural, educational, entertainment, and event center

It is a beautiful modern futuristic building with a multifunctional 300 seat fulldome theater inside.
The CENTER requires a minimum building area, thereby allowing more space for the public. It also has enough floor space to include installations, exhibitions, a game zone, a cafeteria, a gift shop, and a conference room. The CENTER’s smart design also allows for the performance of open-air activities like concerts, street plays, public speeches, and lectures.

The FULLDOME EXPERIENCE CENTER™ is an innovative place that provides a unique experience, creates new opportunities for education and entertainment, and embodies a one-of-a-kind attraction for tourists and family relaxation.


Site area2 700 m2 (29 060 ft2)
Total building area3 500 m2 (37 670 ft2)
Building height34.6 m (113.5 ft)
Structural materialsteel and reinforced concrete
Number of floors4
Dome seating capacity300 people
Dome diameter22 m (72 ft)


Souvenir shop80 m2 (861 ft2)
Cafeteria 1 (with street entrance)118 m2 (1 270 ft2)
Cafeteria 2 (inside of the building)98 m2 (1 055 ft2)
Conference room80 m2 (861 ft2)
Exhibition/experience zone579 m2 (6 232 ft2)
Entrance lobby (gallery/exhibition area)417 m2 (4 489 ft2)
Interactive play/educational zone140 m2 (1 507 ft2)
Open amphitheatre seating capacityaround 100 people