Narathiwat, Thailand
February 2021

Front Pictures manufactured and installed an 18-meter (59-feet) diameter negative pressure projection dome at the Narathiwat Science Center for Education, home to Thailand’s second largest planetarium which is able to seat 130 people.

The dome screen includes a geodesic aluminum frame, a fire retardant 500D lightproof polyester exterior cover, and an ultrafine polyester mid tone projection liner. The projection liner is carefully crafted utilizing exacting geometries with almost imperceptible seams. A low noise air-pump module is used to create negative pressure between the fabric envelopes that gives the dome screen its perfect semi-spherical shape.

Inside the 18m permanent dome theater
18m permanent dome in Narathiwat,Thailand

The 18-meter diameter projection dome with an inclined auditorium seating arrangement. Photo credit: Narathiwat Science Center for Education.

The dome is installed on a circular aluminum 4-axis truss tilted at 25 degrees which together with an inclined auditorium seating arrangement allows viewers to enjoy a more comfortable shared immersive experience.

This is a milestone project for Front Pictures because it is the biggest projection dome ever manufactured by the company.

‘Front Pictures manufactures negative pressure projection domes normally ranging from 3 to 15 meters in diameter. But this project shows that it’s not a limit. Our negative pressure domes can be a reliable and cost-effective alternative to aluminium domes when it comes to creating large-scale shared VR experiences,’ says Eugene Brusko, the head of Front Pictures Engineering department.

The government-run Narathiwat Science Center for Education opened its doors in 2017. The Сenter adheres to the educational management philosophy that true learning comes from studying nature. Its goal is to develop scientific skills and knowledge of the environment among Thai youth.

18m permanent projection dome in Narathiwat, Thailand
Immersive projection inside the 18m permanent negative pressure dome
Immersive projection on a 18m negative pressure dome screen

Photo credit: Narathiwat Science Center for Education.